High Performance Thermal Paste
Streacom TX13 was designed to take the guesswork out of applying thermal paste and help reduce the environmental impact of packaging, especially those applicator tubes. To reduce plastic packaging waste, TX13 is supplied in a recycled card envelope that contains coated foil sachets and without a plastic spreader, not that you really need one for most application methods.
Each sachet contains the recommended, tried and tested ‘pea sized’ amount of thermal paste (0.25g) providing full coverage of a standard desktop CPU IHS (~40*40mm).
Whether you are a believer in the ‘big blob in the middle’, ‘x marks the spot’ or ‘spread it thin’ methods, you can be sure the amount used is just right for the perfect CPU coverage.

Individual sachets also mean you know exactly how many applications you have left and that the thermal paste is as fresh and consistent as the day it was packed.

Reduced waste from smarter packaging is part of our larger commitment to offset the environmental impact. We have also partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project and will sponsor the planting of a tree for every packet sold.

Giving back to the environment doesn’t mean giving up on quality, with a conductivity of 13.4W/m-k, TX13 delivers market-leading performance without excess packaging and application waste.


  • What makes TX13 environmentally friendly?

    There is nothing inherently different about the actual thermal compound that is eco friendly but every other aspect of the product has been geared towards reducing waste, specifically the use of plastics. The typical syringe tubes used are incredibly wasteful for the standard amounts of thermal paste they dispense and usually come packed in plastic bags and with plastic spreaders. With TX13 we not only eliminate the majority of plastics used but we also offset our material usage by donating the planting of a tree for every package sold.

    When it comes to customers that require bulk amounts of thermal paste (such as system integrators) please contact us so that we can supply TX13 in a more economical format to reduce the waste even further. We will still donate the equivalent to planting trees even with bulk purchases 🙂


  • Is the performance less because its a ‘green’ products and how well does this compare to brand X?

    TX13 does not compromise on performance, waste reduction is achieved using thoughtful packaging. Thermal conductivity has been lab-tested to be 13.4W/m-k which is an independent indication of real-world performance.

  • How many trees will you plant for purchase of this product?

    We will donate a single tree for every pack (5 sachets) of TX13 sold. The Eden Reforestation Project is a great cause and we encourage anyone who can help to support them directly as well.

  • Will a single sachet be enough for larger CPUs such as Threadripper?

    Each sachet contains >0.25g of thermal paste which is the recommended amount for current standard desktop CPU IHS coverage. If you are using a CPU that has a larger IHS, you will need to use more than 1 sachet.

  • What if I have a question that is not listed?

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