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FlexATX Fanless PSU

The Streacom ZF240 has been designed to push the limits of compact and silent computing power.

Encased in an all aluminium enclosure which is based on the Flex form factor (81.5×41.5x150mm), the ZeroFlex can deliver 240W of combined power without the need for any active cooling. This has been achieved by the use of high quality components and innovative circuit design which achieves >93% efficiency levels. To put things in perspective, if the ZF240 was actively cooled, it would be rated as a 450W power supply.

The ZF240 is compatible with the FC5 Evo, FC9,FC10 and DB4 chassis, increasing the range of compatible components and removing the need the external AC adapter. The unique ‘L’ bracket mounts directly to the case heatsinks, allowing heat to be dissipated outside the case, and the flexible AC socket makes the mounting position adaptable, so its compatible with current and future Streacom cases.


Electrical Characteristics
  • Input Power 100-240V AV

    Global Power Range, AC 50/60Hz

  • Max Power Output 240W

    Combined, 3.3V @ 10A, 5V @ 10A, 5VSB @ 2A, 12V @14A, -12V @ 0.3A

  • Active Average Efficiency >87%

    See Curve Diagram

  • Zero Load Power Consumption ≤0.15W

    ErP Compliant

  • Over Voltage Protection ≤180%

    Vout Max

  • Over Current Protection 120-200%

    Aout Max

  • Overshoot & Undershoot 5%

    of Max

  • Hold-up Time 18ms

    After Loss of AC

Other Information
Physical Characteristics
  • Input Socket IEC C14

    On 150mm Cable

  • Included AC Cable CEE 7/4

    Standard European Type F

  • 24PIN ATX x 1

    400mm Length, 20+4

  • 4PIN CPU x 1

    400mm Length (can be used with 8PIN)

  • SATA x 2

    Cable Length 400mm + 150mm

  • MOLEX x 2 + 1

    Cable Length 400mm + 150mm + 150mm (Floppy)

  • Dimensions 139 x 86 x 47mm

    Aluminium Housing (L x W x H)

  • Weight 848g

    NET, including Cables

Line / Parameter
Current (A)
Range (V)
11.4 - 12.6
4.75 - 5.25
3.14 - 3.46
4.75 - 5.25
10.8 - 13.2
Ripple (mV)
Noise (mV)

Efficiency (^) vs Load (>)

The ZF240 is based on the FLEX ATX format but it does not follow the standard. It has been modified for internal placement and fitted to our fanless cases. It can in principle be used inside any case or application that requires a passive ATX PSU but will require some consideration for fitting.

Additionally, it should be noted that using the ZF240 will have an impact on the hardware that can be fitted, specifically the maximum motherboard size and the number of drives. The table below shows what motherboards can be accommodated when using the ZF240.

Case / Motherboard

*see FAQ on FC5 OPT compatibility


  • Is the ZF240 compatible with the FC5 Optical?
    Whilst the FC5 and FC5 OPT are similar, the addition of the optical drive and its location in the case means there is some interference with the ZF240, specifically the ATX power cables as they exit towards the drive bay. Whilst it is possible to overcome this interference with some careful cable routing and adjustments to the position of the PSU, it is not a straightforward installation and should only be undertaken if you are comfortable with DIY. It may also require a short or angled SATA connector for the optical drive, for example - External Link To reiterate, that there is no such issue with the standard FC5 and installation of the ZF240 does not have the issue detailed above.
  • The PSU only has a 4PIN AUX CPU Power connector but my motherboard has an 8PIN, what should I do?
    The main reason for the 8PIN compared with the 4PIN AUX CPU Power connector is to supply more current to the CPU. For most motherboards, the terminals actually connect to the same power lines, the connections are just doubled to overcome the connectors power limit. On the majority of motherboards, it won't make a difference and the system will still boot and function normally with only the 4PIN connected. The 8PIN would only be required for overclocking stability or high TDP CPUs (above 75W). As our power supplies have been designed for lower power systems, they would not exceed the maximum power that a single 4PIN connector could supply, which is why we don't currently produce a power supply with an 8PIN connector. If the motherboard does fail to boot, it is possible to use a splitter (4PIN to 8PIN) or a Molex to 4PIN in order to provide the 8PIN power for the motherboard.
  • Does the PSU produce any audible sounds such as coin whine?
    Being fanless means there are no moving parts so no noise is generated. Coil whine is a more complex issue as its an interaction between different components, but from our own testing and customer feedback, this has not been reported.
  • Can I use the ZF240 in a non Streacom case?
    Whist the ZF240 was specifically designed to be used with our range of fanless cases, it can be used as an ATX power supply for any PC and with any case but will require consideration for how to mount the PSU and ensure there is some airflow for cooling.
  • What if I have a question that is not listed?
    If you can't find the information you need, please send us a message using the 'Get in Touch' link at the top right of the page, choose the appropriate department and we will respond with the relevant information.

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