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Igorslab – BC1 V2 – Review

The Streacom BC1 V2 is an outstanding bench table that impresses with its well thought-out design and high functionality. The clever concept enables quick and easy assembly and flexible replacement of components. The build quality is top-notch, and the carefully designed mounting points and screws make it easy to use. The possibility of vertical alignment and the durable rubber coating of the feet are practical additions.

XDA Developers – BC1 V2 – Best Open Air PC Cases

The Streacom ST-BC1 is a favorite among reviewers because of its easy installation process, sturdy build quality, and excellent accessibility. Should you want a minimalist design and easy access to all your components, this is a solid piece of kit.

FunkyKit – BC1 V2 – Review

The BC1 V2 is another top-quality product from Streacom. If you are into benchmarking and testing that often require changes in your hardware components, you will be delighted with the design and features that the BC1 V2 provides.

TechPowerUp – BC1 V2 – Review

All things considered, the Streacom BC1 V2 is a functional, versatile, extremely well-engineered, and, dare I say it, fun bench table that looks beautiful, even if such a niche product comes with a price premium.

BC1 V2 – Product Announcement

Streacom, in collaboration with the Open Benchtable team, are pleased to announce the BC1 V2, the most significant update to the design since its inception.

LanOC – BC1 – Review

I love community designed products, and the collaboration that has created the BC1 Open Benchtable is amazing. This is another example of a need that just wasn’t getting filled and people going out of their way to create it.

TweakTown – BC1 – Open Air Chassis Review

Tweaktown - BC1 - Rewview - Editors Choice

Streacom and its BC1 have definitely impressed with its ease of use , portability, and its premium feel and materials. Anyone looking for an open-air testbench should have the BC1 on their list.

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