UM2 – Universal CPU Mount

There have been a few CPU cooler mounting hole changes over the years and we have released various brackets to accommodate for those such as the AM1 or AM4. In order to provide a more unified and flexible upgrade path for older cases, we are making our current adjustable arm design available as a kit […]

MH1 – Heat Pipe Set

Designed to replace the stock heatpipes supplied with the FC8 Evo, the MH1 kit contains a full set of mini heatpipes. These shorter heatpipes have been specifically designed to allow for motherboards with CPU socket locations that are positioned towards the right side of the motherboard (close to the heatsink sidepanel), greatly expanding the range […]

FC10 – Fanless ATX Case

The FC10 follows the same vision as the FC9, a stunning design that delivers new levels of compatibility and performance, but with a 435mm wide form factor that perfectly complements any home theatre setup. The all-aluminium sandblasted finish houses a multitude of features such as heat pipe Direct Touch cooling, universal optical drive eject button […]

HT4 – Thermal Riser

The Streacom HT4 thermal riser has been designed to be used in conjunction with our FC series cases in order to expand motherboard compatibility by raising the heat pipes above conflicting components. Compatible with the FC9, FC10 and FC8 V3 chassis, the HT4 mounts directly to the CPU IHS, improving performance thanks to heat pipe […]

FC9 – Fanless Micro-ATX Case

The FC9 follows the same design vision as the FC10, featuring a minimalist curved exterior and exceptional hardware compatibility but in a more compact, mid-sized form factor that has a 30% smaller footprint. The all-aluminium sandblasted finish houses a multitude of features such as Heatpipe Direct Touch cooling, universal optical drive eject button and a […]

FC8 – Fanless Mini-ITX Case

With a volume of just 6ℓ but with a maximum TDP of 95W* the FC8 is a marvel of both thermal performance and minimalist design. The small, sleek all aluminium construction features a highly efficient heat sink that minimises the industrial look by blending it with the outer curves of the case. Front connectivity is […]

SH8 – Heat Pipe Set

Lost or damaged the heat pipes supplied with your FC8 Evo or need support for the alternative CPU socket location on your motherboard? Trying to do some custom modding? The SH8 kit contains a full set of heat pipes designed to fit the FC8 and provides compatibility for Thin-ITX motherboards as well as motherboards with […]

LH4 – Heat Pipe Kit

Designed to replace the stock heat pipes supplied with FC5, FC9 and FC10 Chassis, the LH4 kit contains a full set of extended length heat pipes which gives an additional 30mm of reach to the motherboard CPU location. This increases compatibility with motherboards, allowing ones with left positioned CPU sockets to be used. Material Cu […]

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