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TechPowerUp – F12C – Review

Streacom continues to offer clean and stylish cases that utilize excellent materials. The excessive use of aluminium is great in comparison to more traditional brands, and Streacom has managed to engineer something very unique with their hard-drive clips.

AnandTech – F12C – Review

The F12C is Streacom’s first attempt to stray away from SFF and passively cooled cases, towards the territory of high performance enclosures for advanced PCs. As a company, Streacom has a fair share of experience with aluminum enclosures and the F12C reflects that. It is an exquisitely shaped and finished case, without a single visible

eTeknix – F12C – Review

This is pure gadget porn, it’s as simple a chassis I could imagine, yet it oozes premium quality from start to finish. All of the fuss you find with a lot of chassis has been stripped out and you’re left with the absolute basics, yet it still manages to deliver everything you’re likely to need.

Hardware Journal – F12C – Review

die Verarbeitungsqualität welche Streacom hier mit dem F12C zeigt, ist bislang unerreicht. Dies geht sogar so weit, dass wir erstmals unseren Hardware-Journal Qualitäts-Award verleihen

F12C – Product Announcement

We are pleased to announce the F12C, our first case designed to accept all FULL SIZE STANDARD ATX components for a zero compromise system. Of course being Streacom, its built using the same high quality 4mm thick extruded and CNC’d materials and processes that sets our cases apart from the competition and we developed an

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