PC Ekspert – F7C Alpha – Review

Na kraju možemo samo zaključiti kako je F7C Alpha odlično maleno kućište koje spada u premium segment proizvoda zbog načina izrade i kvalitetnih materijala. Ima velike mogućnosti za ugradnju hardvera, sve dok jasno ostajemo u Mini ITX granicama, a proizvođač nudi i različite dodatke hlađenja (hladnjaci s toplovodnim cijevima), pa možemo i s jačim hardverom […]

Conseil Config – F7C Alpha – Review

Nous voici arrivé à la fin de ce test, que dire du Streacom F7C Alpha? Streacom met un point d’honneur à fournir des boitiers dont la qualité de fabrication ainsi que la finition sont excellentes, il faut admettre que le F7C Alpha remplit parfaitement bien ces critères, le tout aluminium donne un côté haut de […]

RealHardTechX – F7C Alpha – Review

Presenta una impresionante calidad de construcción habiéndose utilizado aluminio de la más alta gama siguiendo un minimalista diseño que resulta muy elegante.

Introducing Alpha

Streacom ALPHA is the culmination of a yearlong project to re-design, re-engineer, and refine all aspects of our computer chassis range, from production right through to the packaging. We scrutinized every single part, the smallest screw to the largest aluminium extrusion and asked a simple question …….. “If you could start from scratch, what would […]

eTeknix – F7C Evo – Review

It’s like a ninja, it sits there in hiding in the shadows, quiet and unobtrusive and thanks to the IR sensor on the front you need not mess up that clean look with scruffy wires, allowing for a sleek HTPC solution that is perfect for turning any TV into a smart TV.

Blog HTPC – F7C – Review

La calidad de construcción y el material utilizado para fabricar esta caja son de gran calidad, el grosor del aluminio asegura una gran disipación del calor y ausencia total de vibraciones.El diseño limpio, las esquinas redondeadas, el aluminio cepillado, la unión sin fisuras entre la tapa y el chasis, el tamaño compacto, todo ello conforman […]

iTrends – F7C – Review

Streacom F7C kabinettet får et “Editors Choice” med i pakken og det fordi jeg har ventet på et kabinet som dette i mange år.

Evo Product Announcement

Streacom is pleased to announce a refresh of its original chassis, the F1C, FC5, F7C and FC8. These new models carry the EVO suffix and incorporate a host of improvements based on technological advances and feedback from customers. Whilst each model features its own set of refinements, the range as a whole benefits from: Optical […]

Award Fabrik – F7C – Review

Das gebürstete Aluminium ist kratzerfrei und auch die Kanten sind so verarbeitet, dass man sich an diesen nicht schneidet oder verletzten kann.

F7C – Device Unknown

The Streacom F7C is a true beauty which matches its looks with decent airflow and a feature rich layout.

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