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Introducing Alpha

Streacom ALPHA is the culmination of a yearlong project to re-design, re-engineer, and refine all aspects of our computer chassis range, from production right through to the packaging. We scrutinized every single part, the smallest screw to the largest aluminium extrusion and asked a simple question …….. “If you could start from scratch, what would

Linus Tech Tips – FC5 – Ultimate Silent Fanless Computer

This is kind of neat for those who MUST have pure silence. It, of course, doesn’t offer as much expandability as a full-blown PC, but it’s kind of impressive what you can put in here with absolutely no fans. Ultimate Silent Fanless Computer ft. Streacom FC5 Evo …… this whole thing is a passive heat

Tech News – FC5 Evo – Review

Sakėme, kad iš FC5 EVO pasiimsime viską, ka jis turi, tačiau to padaryti nepavyko. Ketvirtąjį termo vamzdelį pasisavino mini-ITX plokštės baterija. Net buvo kilusi mintis, kad be jo šis korpusas nebebus pajėgus atvėsinti 84 W TDP reitingą turintį „Haswell“ architektūros „Intel Core i5-4570“, ypač kai aplinkos temperatūra testavimo metu siekė 27 laipsnius pagal Celsijų, ir

Support for Socket AM1

With the introduction of the AM1 platform, branded with the AMD Athlon™ and AMD Sempron™ APU brands will deliver award-winning Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture and “Jaguar” CPU cores on motherboards from the leading manufacturers. The combination of lower TDP’s and integrated GPU’s make these CPU’s an ideal choice for passive system. Whilst current supplied

HardZone – FC5 Evo – Review

Sin duda la Streacom FC5 EVO es una caja de calidad Premium orientada a un grupo de usuarios bastante específico, los cuales buscan el máximo silencio y calidad sin importarles mucho el precio. La FC5 EVO en concreto tiene un precio recomendado de 249.90 euros, por lo que evidentemente no es apta para todos los

Tweak DK – FC5 Evo – Review

FC5 EVO hører til helt i toppen, når vi snakker byggekvalitet. Der er her tale om et kabinet udført i lækker aluminium, som ud over at se godt ud, også bidrager til konceptet med passiv køling af CPU’en

Kit Guru – FC5 Evo – Review

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this case is the fantastic build quality.The aluminium construction is extremely solid and is on a much higher level than the vast majority of cases on the market

Bit Tech – FC5 Evo – Review

There’s an awful lot to like about the ST-FC5S EVO WS. It looks fantastic, if a little server blade-esque, offers superb build quality and plenty of room for your typical HTPC. It also managed to cool our Core i3 test CPU easily, even when enclosed in a TV cabinet. If there’s a case that can

Evo Product Announcement

Streacom is pleased to announce a refresh of its original chassis, the F1C, FC5, F7C and FC8. These new models carry the EVO suffix and incorporate a host of improvements based on technological advances and feedback from customers. Whilst each model features its own set of refinements, the range as a whole benefits from: Optical

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