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Streacom is pleased to announce the ZF240 (ZeroFlex), a 240W, no fan, no noise, internal PSU that is based on the Flex form factor.

The challenge has always been to supply high power, not only in a small package but also without any active cooling. To overcome this we have used extremely high quality components and developed an innovative power circuit that is more that 93% efficient. 240W may not seem a lot, but to put things into perspective, if this PSU had active cooling, it could easily run at 450W, and its still less than half the size of a standard ATX PSU.

Even with the high levels of efficiency, heat is inevitable, which is why we have the unique ‘L’ bracket which connects the PSU directly to the case heatsink, and is designed to dissipate the heat outside the chassis. The AC socket is also mounted on a cable instead of being fixed to the body of the PSU, allowing for flexible positioning and more innovative future case designs.

The ZF240 is compatible with the Streacom FC5 Evo, FC9 and FC10 and will remove the need for an external power supply whilst increasing the maximum power available to components.

Full specification and pictures can be see on the ZF240 product page

Streacom is pleased to announce the NC2, the bigger brother of our ultra compact NC1 NUC chassis.

With the release of Haswell NUC boards, we saw the introduction of SATA ports and the need for internal 2.5″ storage. The NC2 addresses those needs whilst still maintaining the same compact footprint and elegant design as the NC1, and is only 11mm taller. The NC2 also maintains all of the great features of the NC1, modular design, easy assembly, ultra efficient cooling, acrylic sides which allow for internal Wifi & Bluetooth, and of course the high grade aluminium sandblast finish that is used across our entire range of cases.

Full specification and pictures can be see on the NC2 product page

The best case on the market deserves the best IR receiver on the market, which is why we partnered with Flirc to bring you the Flirc-SE (Streacom Edition), an INTERNAL IR control solution designed for ALL Streacom cases.

For those of you are not familiar with Flirc, it’s the #1 cross platform IR receiver which features the ability to learn virtually any IR remote control and map those keys to any PC keyboard/media function. Not only does this allow you to use your existing TV remote to control you PC, but it also allows for a fully customized set of functions.

The Flirc-SE also features a power on from off (S4/S5) power state, allowing you to turn your PC on from the comfort of your living room chair. For more information, visit our flirc-se product page
Streacom is pleased to announce the NC1, a chassis designed for the Next Unit of Computing (NUC) platform developed by Intel. With such a small and powerful board to work with, it was all to easy to simply stuff it inside an industrial looking heatsink in order to deliver a fanless solution, but at Streacom we take pride in making products that blend form and function seamlessly. The high grade aluminium finish not only cools better than the stock solution, but the use of acrylic side panels allows for internal WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity, so no ugly external aerials. A modular design has been developed with interchangeable rear back-plates, so you can always change to a different NUC motherboard without replacing the entire chassis. The optional VESA bracket clips to the bottom and means you can mount the chassis to the back of your monitor, but with looks like these, we think hiding the case would be a crime.

Full specification will be published on the product page, but for now, here are the preliminary details:

Chassis Material: Extruded & Milled Aluminum, Acrylic sides
Available Colors: Silver / Black – Sandblast Finish
Motherboard Support: NUC – D33217GKE, D33217CK
Dimension: 140 x 110 x 45mm (W x D x H)
UPDATE! Full details are now live on our products page.

Streacom is pleased to announce a refresh of its original chassis, the F1C, FC5, F7C and FC8. These new models carry the EVO suffix and incorporate a host of improvements based on technological advances and feedback from customers. Whilst each model features its own set of refinements, the range as a whole benefits from:
  • Optical drive universal eject button that works with left and right side models
  • Hidden top panel screws and refined air vents
  • Soft touch power button
  • A refined sandblast finish
  • Wider viewing angle IR receiver window
  • USB3.0 ready ports*
  • Easier HDD/ODD cage assembly with space for additional drives
  • Updated passive cooling solution featuring heatpipe direct touch and new CPU mounting brackets
Visit the individual product pages for more details:

F1C Evo
FC5 Evo
F7C Evo
FC8 Evo

*Internal USB3.0 Cable required
Streacom is pleased to announce our two latest models, the FC9 and FC10 fanless chassis. With their introduction comes a multitude of innovations that make these chassis our most exciting yet. Supporting ITX, Micro-ATX and even Full Size ATX* Motherboards, compatibility is reflected in every aspect of their design. Our newly engineered cooling solution now features heatpipe direct touch for more efficient thermal transfer and with the optional HT4 adapter, almost every motherboard can be used, irrespective of its layout. Universal optical drive eject button, side access USB3.0** ports, easy fit hard drive cage with multiple mounting positions, and optional internal PSU’s are just some of the impressive features that put these chassis in a class of their own.

UPDATE! Full details are now live on our products page.

*FC10 Only
** USB3.0 Cable required
Introducing the all new FC5 Fanless Chassis, a delicate blend of minimalist styling, quality aluminum engineering, and silent passive cooling design. The FC5 Chassis supports microATX and mini-ITX, internal mounting for 150W adapter and 80W power supply. This is the chassis you have all been waiting for! Full product details and specifications can be seen on the product page.