Whilst we have widened the feet on the BC1 Mini V2 to leave more room for the switch, some PSU vendors still have switch placement very close to the edge of the PSU making it difficult to attach the PSU to the foot. We have now produced a standoff (originally designed and included with the DA6) to space the PSU away from the foot leaving a gap that allows the switch to clear the foot. This PSU spacer can be used with any PSU and with the BC1 Mini V1 and V2 – LINK TO PSU SPACER


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Note, that this applies to the V1 only, the BC1 Mini V2 features a winder foot design for improved PSU compatibility.

This is a known compatibility issue with some Corsair SFX PSUs as the placement of the power switch is very close to the edge of the PSU enclosure. There is currently a limitation of the BC1 Mini design, but there is a workaround that can be used by using spacers to leave a gap between the PSU and foot. This will allow enough clearance for the PSU switch but will require the use of longer screws (~14mm in length) as the thumbscrews supplied will be too short.