Jumper links with LEDs for BC1

If I’m using a BC1, I don’t have any case LEDs (power, disk activity, etc). Since these LEDs would normally be driven by the motherboard jumper block, could we make jumper links with built-in LEDs? I would assume they’d also need a resistor to limit the current, so heat may be a problem.

Workstation GPU support for SG10

I’m interested in buying the SG10 case when it goes into production. Hoping to use it as a silent workstation with modern Nvidia Quadro (RTX A4000) or AMD Radeon Pro (W6800) graphics cards. Is there any support planned for enterprise-grade cards from Nvidia and AMD? The solution could be as simple as an adapter kit […]

Product Idea: Passively cooled PC desk

The Streacom SG10 case from Computex 2023 demonstrates, that passive cooling is possible for high-end setups. However, the SG10 looks like a big case, and many people might not want that, or like me, do not have enough free space. A PC desk on the other hand can use more space for cooling, since components […]

New F12C

I really liked the F12C but its not on sale anymore (or in production). Would like to see a new version of that

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