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10th October 2017

FC8 Alpha – Stock Heat Pipes

When the FC8 was originally released, the typical CPU location for ITX motherboard was with was centre/left bias, in common with the fixed location as specified by thin-ITX, so naturally, we designed and included the SH8 heat pipes to match. Since then the trend has shifted with the majority of current ITX motherboards having a centre/right CPU location.

With this in mind, we have decided to change the stock heat pipes included with the FC8 Alpha to SH2, which for the majority of customers will give better motherboard compatibility without the need to purchase additional heat pipes.

The switch to SH2 heat pipes also adds the ability for the FC8 Alpha to use the HT4 thermal riser in situations where the motherboard has components that are blocking the path of the heat pipes, further improving the compatibility.

SH8 and MH1 Heatpipe kits will still be available for less common CPU locations, but the switch to SH2 heat pipes will give better out-of-the-box compatibility with the current range of ITX motherboards on the market.

FC8 Alpha units with SH2 heat pipes have already begun shipping to the majority of our distributors and can be identified by the addition of “SH2” or “CM2” on the printed product label.

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