F1CWS Evo Chassis

The ‘WS’ version of the F1C Evo features all the same enhancements as the current F1C Evo, an ultra-compact design, improved compatibility and easy assembly but without the optical drive slot. This extra space now allows for a 3.5″ hard drive and makes a perfect compact system for users that no longer use optical media. The one piece extruded aluminium body shares the same sandblast finish as the rest of the Evo range along with other refinements such as wider IR window, soft touch power button, and a re-engineered top panel assembly system.

See our System Build Guide for more information and advice on using our range of chassis.
Material: All aluminum, 3.5mm thick, once piece extruded body
Available Colors: Silver / Black, Sandblast finish
Motherboard Support: Mini ITX
Hard Drive Bays: 3 x 2.5″ or 1 x 3.5″ + 1 x 2.5″
Optical Drive Bays: None
Cooling: 1 x 40x40x10mm or 1 x 60x60x10mm Fan (not included)
Max CPU cooler height:
With 3.5″ HDD Installed: 26mm
With 2nd 2.5″ SSD Installed: 42mm
With no 2nd 2.5″ SSD Installed: 54mm
Dimension: 197 × 197 × 77mm (W x D x H)
Power Supply: nanoPSU & AC Adapter (not Included)
Remote Control: MCE Compatible IR Receiver & Remote (not Included)
Net Weight: 1.6KG